Honda 0w20 Full Synthetic Oil Change Only $34.99

with this $10 off coupon (reg $45)

-Honda Spec 0w20 oil for late model 4 cylinder engines

-Honda Hybrid Specified and approved

-Use the right oil and protect your car

-Also exceeds Toyota Hybrid Specs, KIA, Hyundai, and Subaru


Using the right oil in your Honda Civic, CRV, and many other small 4 cylinder engines and Electric Hybrid Cars

commuting between Middletown New York and NY City Metro Areas is very important. Most new 4 cylinder cars

are great on fuel but they require special oil specifications to protect the VTEC or VVTI systems and engines.


We stock the right oils for your car at the right price. These cars require specified oils, not so called "high mileage"

oil. Some so called "high mileage" oils contain seal conditioners that can actually swell and cause accelerated

wear on seals and may also fail to meet sludge and lubricity specifications. We don't recommend high mileage

oils except in special cases (please discuss with your technician in our workshop).


While some Honda Dealership and quick oil change retail stores will charge $59 or $69 for these 4 cylinder oil

changes, we offer the Honda, Hybrid, Toyota, Hyundai, Subaru and Kia full synthetic 4 cylinder oil changes with the

right specification oils for only $44.99 (up to 4.5qt systems, $7 per additional qt) and that includes labor and a new

oil filter.


So when you need maintenance or auto repairs in Middletown NY stop in and speak with our local professionals

where you can establish a relationship. Great car care will keep your baby running for miles and miles!


*see store for details. Please print this page for use as the coupon.